LOOK: Washington Commanders embarrass themselves again with pathetic Sean Taylor ‘statue’

On the 15th anniversary of former legendary Washington safety Sean Taylor’s tragic death, the Washington Commanders franchise had a real chance at respectfully honoring one of their all-time greats.

The team announced their plans to unveil a Sean Taylor memorial trophy, and they did just that on Sunday prior to the start of their Week 12 home matchup at FedEx Field against the Atlanta Falcons.

Yet, unfortunately, like almost everything relating to organizational decisions made by the Commanders, the actual execution was a disaster.

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Sean Taylor mannequin fails to memorialize Washington legend

NFL: Atlanta Falcons at Washington Commanders
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While, in some ways, it’s better to do something than nothing at all, what the Sean Taylor Memorial signifies is another lazy effort. We see not a statue or a bust, instead we see a mannequin that you may find in a department clothing store. This dude doesn’t even have legs or arms, we’re not sure what those coat hangers are.

At least they found a No. 21 Taylor jersey to wrap on top? That’s about the best we can do.

This is not an ideal way to memorialize his honor at FedEx Field. Washington should have done much better. They had 15 years to plan for this day, but they dropped the ball big time.

Sean Taylor was an instant star for the Washington franchise after becoming the fifth pick in the 2004 NFL Draft. He quickly made two Pro Bowl teams in his first four seasons before having his life taken at the age of 24.

Taylor passed away 15 years ago, to the day, on Nov. 27, 2007.

The Commanders are wearing a No. 21 decal on each of their players’ helmets today for their battle against the Falcons. As long as the decals don’t fall off, they will have done something right.

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