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Amazon Prime Video: Best Sports Documentaries

From boxing to Formula One, discover the winners behind the sports.

Everyone has heroes, and diving into the circumstances and training routines that made these players great can be downright inspiring. Wouldn’t you love to know what fueled Babe Ruth or the training method that helped Wilt Chamberlain become a four-time MVP? Good news: Amazon Prime Video has numerous sports documentaries, allowing you a chance to dig deep into the background of your favorite athletes.

Sure, you might not be able to watch many live sports through Amazon Prime, but you can catch some unique content related to your favorite sports teams and players.

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Best boxing documentary: ‘The Guv’nor’

Much of today’s boxing matches happen in well-lit arenas with medical staff standing by. But it hasn’t always been like that. Unlicensed, illegal bouts have always been a part of the sport, especially when it comes to well-known fighter Lenny McLean, better known as “The Guv’nor.” This documentary follows the life of McLean through the eyes of his son. 

McLean wasn’t just a boxer; he was a member of London’s criminal underworld, and this documentary explores the man’s life and moral code without judgment. It tells the story without bias, drawing viewers into a world rich with drama and excitement.

Best football documentary: ‘All or Nothing’

“All or Nothing” isn’t just a single documentary; it’s a series that follows different teams, including Arsenal, Manchester City, and more. It also covers American football, diving into the Dallas Cowboys and Carolina Panthers. 

This documentary series is so appealing because it manages to get access to people, places, and situations that no one else has ever seen before. Some of this footage includes exclusive interviews with players and coaches, plus access to training and practices.

Best basketball documentary: ‘Kobe Bryant’s Muse’

Kobe Bryant was one of the greatest players ever to grace the hardwood, and this documentary explores everything you could hope to know about the late NBA great. 

The documentary touches on his personal life and the dreams that drove him to play as hard as he did, as well as the intense therapy he went through to recover from the injuries he suffered as a basketball superstar.

Best baseball documentary: ‘The Babe Ruth Story’

Sometimes, the best documentaries are those that were made long ago. “The Babe Ruth Story” emerged in 1948, and it captures the life of one of the greatest baseball players ever to step foot on the diamond. 

Part drama, part documentary, and part biopic, “The Babe Ruth Story” uses archival film to teach viewers everything there is to know about one of the most significant sports figures in U.S. history. That said, the film has received a lot of criticism, and it’s not the most unbiased bit of media out there. However, it’s definitely worth a watch, especially if you consider yourself a baseball fan.

Best tennis documentary: ‘Andy Murray: Resurfacing’

Andy Murray’s name will forever be remembered alongside Rafa Nadal, Roger Federer, and other iconic players in the tennis world. That said, Murray hasn’t had the easiest life, and his notably injury-riddled career almost spelled the end for him. 

This documentary follows Murray’s life, even in his most vulnerable moments. Viewers will see him after major surgery, follow him during tough times at home when it seemed like his career was over, then come out on the other side cheering for one of the game’s beloved stars.

Best cycling documentary: ‘All For One’

Do you know the names Mathew Hayman, Esteban Chaves, Simon Gerrans, Matthew Keenan, Phil Liggett, and Robbie McEwen? If you don’t, this documentary is for you. “All For One” explores GreenEdge, Australia’s first Pro Tour cycling team. It follows the first five years of the team and all the hurdles they overcame to become one of the greatest racing teams in history. It’s more than just a story about racing, encompassing themes of leaving home, overcoming bias, accepting other cultures, and so much more. 

Sports means much more than just games

The world of sports is more than just clashes on the field. Behind your favorite teams are real people, each with their own goals and life stories. Amazon Prime Video has several sports documentaries, but these six films are some of the best ones to watch to introduce yourself to the unknown tales of your favorite sports players.

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