‘The Sandlot’ prequel reportedly in production by Fox

That sound you hear is Scotty Smalls getting the business from Ham. It’s real. It’s really happening. And we couldn’t be any more excited about it.

According to Deadline, 20th Century Fox is in early production of a prequel to the 1993 smash hit The Sandlot.

“20th Century Fox is in early development on a prequel to the 1993 cult classic The Sandlot, with David Mickey Evans, the original’s writer and director, attached to co-write the script with Austin Reynolds,” the report reads. “Details on the film’s plot are under wraps, but I hear it involves the legend of the beast from the first iteration.”

Being a prequel, none of the original actors would be playing lead roles. Though, we’d absolutely love to see this group play some sort of a role in the movie. Maybe changing up their characters to be the parents or something of that ilk.

In any event, an entire generation of baseball fans who became enamored with Smalls, Ham, Rodriquez, Yeah-Yeah and Repeat will now soon be able to relive their childhoods.

Until then, enjoy the group making its rounds across the MLB world in celebration of the quarter anniversary of the film’s release.

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