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Taylor Swift-impacted Super Bowl LVIII expected to shatter all-time betting numbers

Super Bowl LVIII
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If Taylor Swift’s romance with Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce is driving record-setting TV ratings for the NFL, it will likely impact the volume of bets placed on Super Bowl LVIII as well.

As reported by the Associated Press, survey numbers from the American Gambling Association project that betting participation for Super Bowl LVIII will shatter last year’s record number by 35 percent.

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Nearly 68 million Americans, or 25 percent of the population, are expected to wager a predicted $23.1 billion on Sunday’s game between the Chiefs and the San Francisco 49ers, with the 49ers currently being a 2.5-point favorite.

That staggering wagering number, more than $7 billion than a year ago, should increase each year due to the growth of regulated sports betting in the U.S., where it’s legal in 38 states, in addition to Washington, D.C.

Market research firm Eilers & Krejcik expects about 73 percent of adults — about 10 percent more than a year ago — to watch the Super Bowl and that $1.25 billion will be bet through U.S. sportsbooks, with 13 percent of the activity coming in Nevada, where Super Bowl LVIII will be played.

No Super Bowl LVIII prop bets on Taylor Swift

Super Bowl LVIII
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The presence of Taylor Swift at Kansas City Chiefs games has led to record TV ratings during every round of the NFL playoffs so far. The viewership for Super Bowl LVIII is likely to shatter last year’s record of 115.1 million, and that should translate to more betting activity.

According to survey numbers, approximately 42.7 percent of adults — 41 percent more than a year ago — intend to wager either legally or illegally.

But those looking to make prop bets on Swift — including how often TV cameras show the international recording star — won’t be able to do so legally in the U.S. ,where prop bets are limited to the game. Bettors will need to go through offshore sportsbooks to place Swift-specific prop bets.

Swift, now a 14-time Grammy Award winner, is touring in Tokyo, but is expected to make it back in time for Sunday’s game, which begins at 6:30 p.m. ET.

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