Steelers’ Mike Tomlin has no desire to talk about Redskins job

Steelers coach Mike Tomlin

Once the Washington Redskins fired Jay Gruden on Monday, rumors started to persist that Pittsburgh Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin could be next in line for the job in D.C.

We’re not too sure where these rumors came from. Tomlin is one of the longest-tenured head coaches in the NFL. He’s also manning the sideline for an organization that has fielded three head coaches since the Richard Nixon Administration.

Needless to say, these rumors came out of left field. In answering questions about them on Tuesday, Tomlin had no desire to keep up with the charade.

Pittsburgh’s season is almost literally on the brink. It will trot out rookie undrafted free agent Devlin Hodges Sunday night against the Chargers after regular backup Mason Rudolph suffered a scary-looking injury on Sunday.

The point? Tomlin and his Steelers have a lot more to worry about than rumors of him heading to the nation’s capital.

There is a backdrop to all of this. Other rumors around Pittsburgh suggest that the Steelers might look to move on from Tomlin after 13 seasons in that role. Only time will tell on this front.

What we do know is that Tomlin would likely have his pick of head-coaching openings should the two part ways.

Of any potential head-coaching openings following the 2019 season, the Skins would have to be considered the least attractive. What respected coach would want to work under the “dynamic duo” of Daniel Snyder and Bruce Allen?

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