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Report: XFL could come back under new ownership in 2021

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

The XFL was running fairly strong in its rebooted form before the COVID-19 pandemic shut the league down once more. Could we see yet another return of XFL football in 2021?

‘Dozens’ of bidders as XFL could be relaunched next February

Daniel Kaplan of The Athletic reported Tuesday that, despite rumors to the contrary, Vince McMahon will not be looking to buy back his league. However, he noted that, “dozens of bidders are looking over the league’s financials and interested in relaunching it next February.”

Apparently, that’s not just a pipe dream, either.

“Based on preliminary feedback, there is a robust market for the Debtor’s assets, including a number of potentially interested private equity firms and other strategic and financial sponsors,” McMahon’s filing said.

Despite some hiccups during the five weeks the XFL was back this past spring, the league did show promise. Many fans loved the unique rules that added some new flavor to the game we love.

It’s going to be fascinating to see if the XFL really can make it back next season. If it does, we look forward to once more enjoying young, unproven players wow us on a weekly basis.