Lamar Jackson, Baltimore Ravens may be $100 million apart in contract negotiations, trade calls are happening

Lamar Jackson

Every NFL team will have its own unique priorities this offseason. For the Baltimore Ravens, no other task is greater than getting Lamar Jackson under contract for at least the 2023-24 NFL season, if not longer. Jackson, whose rookie contract is set to expire, will have several options this offseason.

Whether that’s choosing to agree to a short-term or long-term contract with the Ravens or another team remains to be seen. Yet, we know the Ravens won’t go down without a fight, and they have plenty of tools at their disposal, such as the franchise tag worth $32.4 million for quarterbacks.

Another unconventional method for Jackson would be to refuse to sign the tag, which could then either lead to a contract holdout or a trade to a new team, which would bring two first-round picks, at the very least, back to the Ravens.

Either way, the Ravens will be doing their best to ensure their NFL MVP doesn’t escape their roster, yet they’ve had plenty of time to negotiate a contract with Jackson, yet no agreement has been reached.

Now, according to ESPN’s Jeremy Fowler, the Ravens could be as much as “$100 million apart” in guaranteed money during contract negotiations with Jackson. Fowler also adds that “trade calls are coming” for Jackson from other teams interested in adding the superstar dual-threat QB to their roster in 2023.

While several rumors have leaked regarding Jackson’s negotiations with the Ravens, it’s hard to know exactly what the 26-year-old Florida native is seeking in his second NFL contract. What we do know is that Jackson isn’t represented by any player agency, choosing to be represented by his mother in contract discussions instead.

Are the Ravens being stubborn with the face of their franchise? Or is Jackson asking for the moon in contract talks? We may not know until he’s either back under contract in Baltimore or until breaking news reveals he’s on his way out of town.

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