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WATCH: John Lynch gives stirring Hall of Fame speech, calls for unity


A Hall of Fame finalist multiple times before finally getting that call this year, John Lynch has been waiting a while to wear that gold jacket.

The former Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Denver Broncos safety was on stage Sunday evening in Canton to be inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame. For the current San Francisco 49ers general manager, it was a dream come true.

It also gave John Lynch a podium to provide some wisdom to the American people. Without even a hint of politics, he shared a message that pretty much everyone should take to heart.

“The National Football League is the greatest metaphor for life that I’ve ever known,” Lynch said. “It challenges each and every one who plays this great game in every way possible. Everything about the game is hard and tests your will. It compels every man who puts on the uniform to not only do their best but to be their best. In football, we quickly discover we’re only as strong as our weakest link and if we’re to achieve the goals that we set for ourselves, we must all learn to play together and pull together.” Lynch said.

“Each of us comes from a different walk of life, but when we huddle up, we huddle up as a team. It doesn’t matter where we come from or your background. All that matters is the fulfillment of one goal — victory. Tonight, I advocate that we take the lead of football and huddle up as a people, as a great nation. Let’s find a common ground for our shared values. Let’s celebrate and learn from our differences. If Derrick Brooks from Pensacola, Florida, Warren Sapp from Apopka, Florida, and John Lynch from Solana Beach, California, can, so, too, can all of you.”

It’s a long quote, but one worth thinking hard about.

Lynch’s comments come at a time when there’s widespread division around the United States. It’s the same division that has, to an extent, defined the football world recently. That is to say, differing opinions regarding everything from Black Lives Matter to the COVID-19 vaccines.

Having grown up in Southern California and attended college at Stanford, Lynch’s NFL career started in Florida. He then joined the Broncos in Colorado following the 2003 season.

In retirement, John Lynch first tried his hand in broadcasting before becoming the 49ers’ general manager back in 2017. He’s worked in every part of the country and with people from all walks of life. If nothing else, Lynch’s comments should remind us that we are all in it together.

What an amazing speech from John Lynch as he enters an exclusive club very few could even scarcely imagine joining.

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