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Joey Gase throws rear bumper cover at Dawson Cram after NASCAR Xfinity crash

It was a first of its kind retaliation

Joey Gase expressed displeasure at being wrecked on Saturday in the NASCAR Xfinity Series race at Richmond Raceway by literally ripping off the remainder of his rear bumper and tossing it at Dawson Cram as he drove by under caution.


Contact from Cram, both drivers outside the top-25, sent Gase hard into the Turns 1 and 2 wall and it was immediately obvious that there would be some kind of theatrics. Gase very quickly climbed out of his car and ripped what was left of his rear bumper off the car.

He waited for the No. 4 JD Motorsports car to drive by under caution and tossed the bumper cover atop the windshield.

He explained why he was so mad after being released from the infield care center.

“I just wanted to give him a souvenir and let him know what he did,” Gase said. “I gave the kid his first-ever start, I believe, in Xfinity, and he comes over and borrows our tools and parts and pieces every week, and he’s a good kid, but he loses his head every frickin’ race.

“He always has speed, but he loses his head literally every race. If you look at every race this year he has speed but he shoots himself in the food every week.”

He was especially mad because the crash cost his small budget team a second entry next weekend at Martinsville Speedway/

“Honestly, we were going to take two cars next week, but now being a small team, I don’t know if we can do that, that car is killed.”

Cram declined to comment when asked about the matter after the race.

Gase is occasionally sponsored by McGruff the Crime Dog.

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