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Recently-franchise tagged player named as cut candidate for Jacksonville Jaguars

Jacksonville Jaguars
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After a disappointing 9-8 season that saw the Jacksonville Jaguars miss the postseason despite being viewed as a team capable of taking a major leap, changes are coming to Duval this offseason.

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Doug Pederson and Trevor Lawrence obviously aren’t going anywhere, they’re in Jacksonville for the long haul, but some of the team’s other big names could be moving on.

Jacksonville Jaguars may finally move on from Cam Robinson

cam robinson
Credit: Corey Perrine / USA TODAY NETWORK

Since selecting him 34th overall in the 2017 NFL Draft, the Jacksonville Jaguars have remained loyal to left tackle Cam Robinson. Being that he’s started all 84 games he’s ever appeared in at the pro level, it makes sense to stick with him.

But Robinson made a mistake last season, getting suspended four games for violating the league’s performance enhancing drug policy. Then he also missed four games due to injury, which was obviously out of his control.

Still, Robinson’s value only translates if he plays. When he sits, the Jaguars can’t be thrilled with having a player who’s set to have a $21 million cap hit on the sidelines. To be fair, Robinson has been very durable across his seven NFL seasons, missing just nine games before missing eight more in 2023.

Yet, the NFL is all about production, and the Jaguars may see more value in cutting Robinson from the roster, where they’ll see $17.2 million in cap savings. According to Ari Meirov of the 33rd Team, Robinson should be viewed as the biggest potential cut candidate for the Jaguars, thanks to his large salary, in addition to the presence of Anton Harrison and Walker Little.

Robinson graded out as the 46th-best tackle out of 81 players graded by Pro Football Focus in 2023. If that’s the production the Jaguars can expect out of their left tackle, consider Robinson as good as gone.

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