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Fans erupt after Baker Mayfield criticized for being on his phone after huge win

Of all the things to nit-pick about. Baker Mayfield had just won his first NFL game and handed the Cleveland Browns their first win in 635 days. Afterward, he came out of the locker room for an interview on NFL Network, and like many young people these days he was messaging someone on his phone.

Apparently, that’s an abominable thing for an NFL quarterback to have done. At least, that’s what Jason McIntyre and Colin Cowherd got out of the entire thing.

These two dudes were just absolutely stunned that Mayfield was on his phone. McIntyre assumed it had everything to do with Mayfield’s obviously gigantic ego, saying he just had to immediately hit social media to see what everyone had to say about him.

But he didn’t bother checking…

Just maybe, the young man was messaging his parents. Or whatever.

It’s important to remember that Mayfield and Cowherd have quite a bit of history.

Cowherd is one of the people who has doubted Mayfield the most, and this isn’t the first time he’s come out with some ridiculous criticism. Not surprisingly, the quarterback wasn’t interested in sharing any of last night’s glory with the talk-show host.

Back to McIntyre and Cowherd’s comments about having a phone in his hands last night — WHAT WAS HE THINKING?!?!?!? — fans on social media were pretty upset about it all.




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