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Eagles trade with Browns, move up to No. 2

The Philadelphia Eagles have made the second huge pre-draft move of the 2016 NFL Draft, moving up from No. 8 to No. 2 in a deal with the Cleveland Browns.

As you can see, the Browns made out like bandits in this deal, gaining a third- and fourth-round pick and a first- and second-round pick next year after swapping first- and fourth-round picks this year with the Eagles.

Just don’t tell that to general manager Howie Roseman, per the team’s website:

“By making the initial trade with Miami earlier this offseason and with this trade today with Cleveland, we feel that we have put ourselves in the best possible position to draft an impact player,” said Howie Roseman. “We will now focus our energy on the next step.”

No doubt Philadelphia is targeting a quarterback, and at this point nobody knows who it will be.

The two top passers in this year’s class are Jared Goff out of Cal and Carson Wentz out of North Dakota State. It will depend on who the Los Angeles Rams select first at the top of the draft.

Of further note in this entire affair is the fact that the Eagles paid Sam Bradford and Chase Daniel a pretty penny this year, so it will be interesting to see if they intend to keep both or try to trade one of them away.

The Browns appear content to roll with Robert Grifffin III, at least for the next year.