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Philadelphia Eagles monster defensive tackle Jordan Davis ‘hates’ viral training camp clip showing his dominance

Jordan Davis

Those around the NFL caution against taking too much away from training camp or preseason reps. While we all like to see excellence on the football field, these brief glimpses of action only show a snapshot of the bigger picture. While he’s only a rookie, Jordan Davis, the first-round pick by the Philadelphia Eagles already understands how things can get blown out of proportion, even when it seems no one is watching.

Earlier in the week, a clip emerged of the 6-foot-6, 336-pound Davis taking a one-on-rep against fellow rookie center Cam Jurgens, the team’s second-round selection, who measures in at 6-foot-3, 303 pounds.

How did the singular rep that everyone saw go?

If you’ve already seen it, well you already know. But for those who are wanting to witness pure dominance on the gridiron, you’ve come to the right place. We got you.


But Davis wasn’t happy with the public response. Obviously, the clip went viral, but it shows just one of many reps he’s had against Jurgens this summer. Davis didn’t always get the best of the former Nebraska lineman, which is why he hates that the clip was even shared, and that it blew up in the way that it did.

“I hate it honestly. It’s very one-sided. You see one rep, but you don’t see Cam getting me in the other reps. I always say looks can be deceiving. One rep goes viral — whatever, whoop de woo. Cam was holding his own.”

Jordan Davis wishes Cam Jurgens clip didn’t go viral

After becoming the 13th overall pick in April, the Eagles have very high hopes for their newest addition to their defensive line. While the two players are quite different, being able to lean on Fletcher Cox should help make his transition to the NFL a much smoother process. If this brief glimpse of his athletic abilities are any indication of what to expect once the games count, teams in the NFC East better be prepared. Davis might be a problem.

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Faux alternate Jordan Davis clip has me rolling

Or, there’s always this ‘alternate’ version, which is a lie, as it’s being replayed backwards, to make it look like somehow Davis is the one being sent into oblivion while Jurgens somehow creates additional leverage with his legs in the air.

I’m sorry, but that’s hilarious. I hate misleading videos and quotes, but that’s just too funny not to share. To make it clear once again, the clip of Davis being moved backward is not real and is being played on a backward loop, which is the opposite of how this rep actually occurred. Doesn’t make it any less funny.

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