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Drew Brees and son Baylen recreate iconic Super Bowl picture, 10 years later

After Drew Brees and the New Orleans Saints won Super Bowl XLIV, an iconic moment took place when Brees was photographed holding his son Baylen up above his head as confetti came streaming down.

Ten years to the day later, Brees and his son recreated that image at home. Then the quarterback shared it side by side with the original image on his Instagram account.

Brees doesn’t seem to have aged all that much since his Super Bowl win. But Baylen’s another story. Kid. Has. Grown!

As Brees is remembering his Super Bowl win and celebration, we’re holding our breath waiting for an answer about his plans for the 2020 season. Reportedly, he’s been toying with the idea of going into broadcasting, and Saints head coach Sean Payton may have plans to move on in 2021, if Brees does come back in the first place.

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