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DIRECTV STREAM Supported Devices

While more limited than competitors, DIRECTV STREAM supports a wide range of streaming devices.

smart tv streaming
smart tv streaming

Although many of us have been cutting the cord for years, there’s still comfort in knowing you’ll get an experience that reminds you of the good old days of cable TV. As the streaming offshoot of DIRECTV’s satellite service, DIRECTV STREAM is designed to do just that.

Offering remarkably similar channel packages and user interface to its parent provider, DIRECTV STREAM is basically the satellite TV experience on the go — without all the extra equipment and long-term contracts. But, without the provided equipment, you may be left wondering how you watch DIRECTV STREAM content.

That’s exactly what I set out to answer during my deep dive into DIRECTV’s Entertainment package. I didn’t just explore the DIRECTV STREM supported device list (which is noticeably smaller than its competitors’ lists); I tried the service out on several devices for myself. Here’s what I learned.


DIRECTV STREAM is known for offering a streaming experience that feels familiar and intuitive for anyone who’s had a cable TV plan in the past. It offers comparable channel lists to its satellite TV counterpart, and it’s one of the few streaming platforms that still features regional sports networks (RSNs). 

All in all, DIRECTV STREAM features a balanced list of local programming, live sports, news, and entertainment, and its Choice plan is particularly on point for sports fans. Its unlimited DVR and generous simultaneous streaming options are highlights, but the service as a whole can be a bit pricey compared to competitors.

DIRECTV STREAM plans and pricing

DIRECTV STREAM offers four plans, with pricing and channel options doubling from the basic Entertainment plan to the top-tier Premier plan. All plans include a mix of entertainment, news, sports, and family programming, unlimited DVR storage, and unlimited concurrent streams at home. Although I tried out the Entertainment plan, I would recommend the Choice plan as the service’s best value, given that it adds quite a bit of extra sports coverage, including RSNs.

Entertainment$79.9975+Unlimited at home
3 outside home
Choice$108.99105+Unlimited at home
3 outside home
Ultimate$119.99140+Unlimited at home
3 outside home
Premier$164.99150+Unlimited at home
3 outside home

What devices can you use with DIRECTV STREAM?

DIRECTV STREAM is compatible with a range of popular streaming devices. You can access content on iOS, Android, and Amazon Fire Tablets and mobile devices; Android TVs, Apple TVs, Roku, and Chromecast devices; most web browsers; and a few popular smart TVs. Unlike some of its competitors, DIRECTV STREAM doesn’t offer any support for gaming consoles, which may be a deal-breaker for some cord-cutters.

I tried the service on my laptop through the Safari web browser, plus my iPhone and Apple TV. The interface and video quality were similar across all three devices, and I was able to get all content in HD (even streaming simultaneously) without any lagging or buffering.

All DIRECTV STREAM plans allow you to stream on unlimited devices over your home network, plus an additional three devices outside your home. This is one of the most generous options for concurrent streaming offered by any platform, and it’s tough to imagine needing more streams at once.

DIRECTV STREAM compatibility compared

DIRECTV STREAM doesn’t support streaming on as many devices as its competitors. Noticeably absent from its supported device list are the Firefox browser, PlayStation and Xbox consoles, and several popular smart TV brands. Still, the most widely used devices are supported, and most users will find they have a device or two that works for watching DIRECTV STREAM. 

Here’s how the platform compares to the competition.

DeviceDIRECTV STREAMFuboHulu + Live TVSling TVYouTube TV
Amazon Echo Show
Amazon Fire Tablets
Amazon Fire TV
Android mobile
Android TV
Apple iPhone/iPad
Apple Safari browser
Apple TV
Cox Contour
Firefox browser
Hisense Smart TVs
Google Chrome browser
Google Chromecast
Google Nest
Google TV
LG smart TVs
Microsoft Edge browser
Microsoft Xbox
Nintendo Switch
Roku devices
Samsung smart TVs
Sharp Smart TVs
Sony PlayStation
Sony smart TVs
Telly TV
TiVo Stream 4K
Vizio SmartCast TVs
Xfinity Flex/X1
Xumo TV/XiOne

Final thoughts

DIRECTV STREAM offers streaming support for a wide range of devices. Most users will already have a few mobile devices, smart TVs, or streaming hubs that work with the service, and I had no trouble accessing content in high-quality HD on my iOS, MacOS, and Apple TV devices. That said, DIRECTV STREAM’s lack of support for gaming consoles and a wider range of smart TVs sets it slightly behind competitors in this area.


Can I stream DIRECTV STREAM on two devices?

DIRECTV STREAM supports simultaneous streaming on unlimited devices on your home network. You can also stream on up to three devices at once outside your home.

Does DIRECTV STREAM work on LG Smart TV?

DIRECTV STREAM doesn’t currently support streaming natively on LG Smart TVs. However, you can still connect your LG TV to a supported streaming device, such as an Apple TV or Roku, and watch DIRECTV STREAM content.

Do I need DIRECTV equipment to stream DIRECTV STREAM?

No, DIRECTV STREAM doesn’t require any proprietary equipment. As long as you have one of its supported third-party streaming devices, you can watch content anywhere you have an internet connection.

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