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Dallas Mavericks could pursue Bronny James in attempt to lure LeBron in free agency

Dallas Mavericks
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Bronny James has declared for the 2024 NBA Draft, but no one can agree on his draft projection. While he’s drawn interest from teams such as the Los Angeles Lakers and Dallas Mavericks, some say he’s not even ready for the NBA.

Many others believe the 19-year-old won’t be a first-round pick. Some have even suggested his younger brother Bryce has more long-term potential, and he’s still in high school.

Yet, others see the upside in LeBron James’ eldest son, even if it’s not as a first-round selection.

Dallas Mavericks could try adding Bronny James and LeBron

“But here’s a newsflash, what I’ve also heard. Bronny James may not make it to the Lakers’ second round pick. Because if a team like the Dallas Mavericks could position themselves to get him in the second round, they’ll take him. Because LeBron said he wants to go where his son goes and if you’re the Dallas Mavericks and you got Kyrie, and you got Luka, and LeBron James is willing to come to big D, that might be the first time something is more popular than the Cowboys.”

Stephen A. Smith on Dallas Mavericks’ link to Bronny James

If Los Angeles is still eyeing Bronny, and indications suggest they are, then the Lakers might have to get creative ahead of its June 26 start date.

The New Orleans Pelicans own the rights to the Lakers’ first-round pick, No. 17, but they have the option to choose to take Los Angeles’ pick in 2025 instead when the draft prospect pool is expected to have more talent. The belief is that New Orleans will defer the selection to next year, giving the Lakers their 17th pick. The Pelicans have until June 1 to decide whether they want the Lakers’ pick this year or next.

After 17, the only other draft selection the Lakers have is No. 55.

This could mean the Lakers have to trade down from 17 to land an early second-round pick (or at least earlier than 55), or possibly use their late second-round pick to climb up the draft board to take Bronny.

Otherwise, Smith’s report about the Mavericks having an enticing situation for LeBron to join could come to fruition. Not only do they have Kyrie Irving, whom LeBron wanted to reunite with in Los Angeles before his trade to Dallas, but if the Mavericks added Bronny, too, LeBron might feel like he doesn’t have a choice but to join Dallas’ championship chase.

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