Dallas Cowboys’ Jerry Jones called out by NFL reporter over commitment to winning, prioritizing business over Super Bowls

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones
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Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones bought the team in 1989 for $140 million and immediately experienced the storied NFL franchise win three Super Bowls by 1996. As the Cowboys’ NFC championship drought approaches three decades, Jones’ business is thriving.

The Cowboys’ franchise has changed dramatically under Jones. AT&T Stadium, owned by Jones, is one of the best NFL stadiums in 2024, even earning the name Jerryworld. Meanwhile, the team’s franchise value has exploded from $784 million in 2002 to over $9 billion today.

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Despite the Cowboys being one of the most popular teams in pro sports and among the most profitable teams in America, there’s largely been a lack of on-field success. Dallas hasn’t made the playoffs eight times since 2010 and its last NFC Championship Game appearance came on Jan. 14, 1996

In his latest Football Morning in America, veteran NFL reporter Peter King credited Jones for doing so well in the bidding process to host World Cup games at AT&T Stadium. However, King also used it as a point of criticism for Jones by pointing to the fact that as the Cowboys keep failing in the playoffs Jons’ business is thriving.

“Ironic. The Jerry business is booming, even after one of the most disastrous losses in his ownership, even after the massively unpopular decision to keep Mike McCarthy as coach. Jones loves the Cowboys, but he loves the business of the Cowboys just as much, and he loves the business of Jerryworld perhaps even more.”

NBC Sports’ Peter King on Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones’ business success versus on-field disappointment

As a business, the Cowboys are thriving. Ticket prices are at an all-time high, the team’s popularity leads to massive revenue and TV ratings, all while AT&T Stadium draws the highest average attendance (93,594) in pro football.

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Jones, 81, has been accused of prioritizing profits and branding over winning. The Cowboys’ owner has also shown an unusual loyalty to his coaches and players in the NFL Jason Garrett was kept around for 10 years despite going 2-3 in the playoffs and not even making it into the postseason seven times.

When Mike McCarthy was hired as Garrett’s replacement, Jones made it clear that the expectation was to win a Super Bowl. Instead, Dallas has dominated the regular season with three consecutive 12-5 records and has a 1-3 record in the playoffs to show for it.

The expectation heading into the NFL playoffs this season was that McCarthy’s team needed to perform well for him to stick around. Instead, Dallas was blown out at home by the Green Bay Packers and Jones immediately committed to McCarthy’s return days later.

While Jones will always push back against the criticism, his loyalty to people who have underperformed all while his team’s revenue and franchise value skyrocket will continue to raise questions about his true commitment to winning a Super Bowl.

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