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Choctaw Stadium: What you need to know to make it a great day

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Once the home of the Texas Rangers, Choctaw Stadium will now be a hosting site for the upcoming 2023 XFL season. Whether you want to watch the XFL in person or sit down to catch some soccer, here’s everything you need to know before arriving at Choctaw Stadium.

Where is Choctaw Stadium?

Choctaw Stadium is in Arlington, Texas. The address is 1000 Ballpark Way, Arlington, TX 76011.

Who plays at Choctaw Stadium?

The North Texas Soccer Club and the Arlington Renegades football team play at the Choctaw Stadium currently. However, it was once the home of the Texas Rangers.

What is Choctaw Stadium used for?

Choctaw Stadium used to be a baseball stadium and now is a multi-purpose facility used for the XFL, USL League, and about 50 high school football games.

Where did the Texas Rangers play before Choctaw Stadium?

The Texas Rangers used to play at Arlington Stadium before moving to Choctaw Stadium and then moving again in 2020 to Globe Life Field.

Does Choctaw Stadium have a roof?

The Choctaw Stadium does not have a roof and is an entirely open stadium.

What is the capacity of Choctaw Stadium?

The capacity at the Choctaw stadium is 48,114, which is the number of seats they have.

Is Choctaw Stadium cashless?

Yes, the stadium is cashless, including parking, concession stands, and merchandise stands. We advise you to make sure you have your credit or debit cards, or you can use Apple or Google Pay when you are at the stadium.

How much is it to parking at Choctaw Stadium?

Choctaw Stadium
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Parking prices are different for each show at Choctaw Stadium and vary based on several factors. You can check prices for any performance by clicking on the name of the event you’re interested in. Vivid Seats back all Choctaw Stadium Parking tickets.

What can you bring to Choctaw Stadium?

All bags and purses must be soft-sided and not be bigger than 16″ x 16″ x 8. Bags that excel the size will not be allowed inside the stadium.

Can you bring food to Choctaw Stadium?

All you can bring is one sealed bottled water; outside food and drinks are not permitted. If you want to save money, try eating before heading to the stadium. That way, you are nice and full and won’t be tempted to buy food.

What time do the gates open at Choctaw Stadium?

Parking lots will open 90 minutes before the start time of the event. The stadium gates will open 60 minutes before the start time.

Can you tailgate at Choctaw Stadium?

No, tailgating is not allowed in any of the parking lots.

What bars are close to Choctaw Stadium?

There are a few bars close to Choctaw Stadium that you can pre-game at before you head to the stadium.

How much is beer at Choctaw Stadium?

A 24-ounce of beer costs $11 at the Choctaw stadium.

What is there to eat at Choctaw Stadium?

Choctaw Stadium
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When it comes to eating and drinking, Choctaw Stadium doesn’t play around. They have over 100 fixed and mobile concession stands to choose from. You can get everything from the traditional hotdog and beer to chicken-fried bacon on a stick, fried S’mores with creme cookies, and a 2-foot-long hotdog with chili, cheese, and jalapeno.

If you want to go all out, get the Holland Hot Tot ‘Chaos, a heap of tater tots smothered in peppers, beef, and hollandaise queso. There are so many more options of food to choose from. When you are at the Choctaw stadium, you won’t go hungry.

What are the best hotels near Choctaw Stadium?

There are plenty of hotels you can stay at that are near the Choctaw Stadium. Some are within walking distance if you want to save on parking. We have a list of the best hotels that are near the stadium.

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