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Crazy Cam Newton fight breaks out at 7v7 football event

Cam Newton
Credit: Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports

Former NFL MVP Cam Newton hasn’t played an NFL down since 2021 with the Carolina Panthers. Yet, somehow, the former Auburn superstar still manages to pop up in the headlines every few months or so.

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This time, Newton’s back in the spotlight, but for all the wrong reasons.

Cam Newton fight goes viral

cam newton
Credit: Jim Dedmon-USA TODAY Sports

Admittedly, we’re not entirely sure of the context here. All we know is that Cam Newton was recently involved in a massive fight that broke out.

The scene is believed to be from Newton’s C1N 7 vs 7 football tournament, where he appears to be fighting individuals associated with TopShelf Performance, a 7v7 football program based out of Atlanta.

While the details are still emerging, what’s really radical is the scene itself.

That’s an angry dude who honestly still looks like he has plenty of power to bowl over defenders in the NFL, too.

We have no idea what the fight stems from, who started it, or why Newton got involved in the altercation, to begin with, but thankfully it got broken up fairly quickly, but not before it got spread around the internet.

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