Bill Belichick’s son Steve projected to fill key role on New England Patriots coaching staff in 2024

Bill Belichick
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We may not know where Bill Belichick will be coaching during the 2024 NFL season, but chances are, it won’t be with the New England Patriots as he continues to eye a head coaching job elsewhere. Jerod Mayo has taken over head coaching duties for the Patriots, jumping into GOAT-sized shoes to fill in New England.

So where do all these coaching changes leave Steve Belichick and Brian Belichick, the two football coaching sons of Bill? One would think the sons would follow wherever their father goes, but that doesn’t appear to be the case at all.

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Steve Belichick could become New England Patriots’ assistant head coach

steve belichick
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Like Bill, Steve and Brian Belichick plan to continue coaching in 2024, yet unlike their father, their plan is to continue with the New England Patriots.

Stephen has been with the Patriots since 2012, assuming various roles and working closely with the defense. Most recently, he was the outside linebackers coach. But now Jerod Mayo is likely to shake things up, bringing in his own team personnel members.

However, despite those changes, it doesn’t appear Steve is in any danger of losing his position with the Patriots. In fact, according to Mike Reiss of ESPN, Steve could get a promotion to an assistant head coach/senior advisor role.

The same goes for Brian, who joined the Patriots in 2016 and has since worked his way into becoming the team’s safeties coach, where he’s operated since 2020. While Brian’s potential role for 2024 is unknown, reports suggest he’s still been present at the Patriots’ facilities as recently as mid-January, meaning Belichick’s son is likely still a part of New England’s future too.

Does this mean there’s some crazy scenario out there that could involve a Belichick becoming the Patriots’ head coach again someday? You never know what could happen in the wild, wacky world of football.

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