ESPN ‘pursuing’ Bill Belichick, legendary NFL coach reportedly refusing specific role

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After being dismissed by the New England Patriots, legendary NFL coach Bill Belichick hoped to land a gig with the Atlanta Falcons. Now, weeks after being turned down by the only team with a head-coaching vacancy that interviewed him, Belichick is reportedly playing hardball with his potential next employer.

Belichick, who turns 72 in April, had other opportunities to remain a coach in the NFL. A Super Bowl contender reached out to see if he’d be interested in taking over as their defensive coordinator. However, that inquiry was quickly rejected and the greatest coach in NFL history now finds himself out of football in 2024.

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However, Belichick does have suitors. Peyton Manning and Omaha Productions have been actively pursuing Belichick this offseason, hoping to land him for a unique role that will showcase his football IQ and tap into a hidden personality. While there seems to be some mutual interest in a TV role, there are also reportedly strings attached to that willingness.

According to Andrew Marchand of The Athletic, ESPN is actively pursuing Belichick for a role this upcoming NFL season. It’s possible it could be in partnership with Manning’s pursuit, but the network is also directly interested in having the former Patriots’ coach for its own programming.

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However, per Marchand, Belichick is making it clear to television networks that he. isn’t interested in being part of a regular studio show. While there is an openness to spending the 2024 season on television, it’s been made quite clear that it would need to be on Belichick’s terms.

Even if Belichick accepts a role with ESPN or another network, the stay might only be temporary. He remains interested in returning to the NFL, regaining the title of head coach and having some control over the roster as he did with New England. With several marquee NFL head-coaching jobs potentially opening up in 2025, Belichick may do a one-year stint as an NFL analyst before returning to the sidelines.

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