Super Bowl LVIII: 10 best Super Bowl commercials during the big game

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As Super Bowl LVIII progressed between the Kansas City Chiefs and the San Francisco 49ers, the commercials dominated the screens in between play outside Allegiant Stadium.  

Commercial makers, such as Budweiser and Oreo, are paying nearly $7 million for every 30-second advertisement

There are those who watch the Super Bowl for the game its, the halftime show or the commercials.

Here are the 10 best commercials from Super Bowl LVIII.

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1. BetMGM: ‘Tom Has Won Enough’

Tom Brady, who has won seven Super Bowls, including six with New England, has dominated the league for two decades where jealousy has risen for those having to watch him hoist the Lombardi Trophy. As a result, BetMGM used that and added the involvement of hockey legend Wayne Gretzky.

2.  State Farm – “Like a Good Neighbaaa”

Having a superstar like Arnold Schwarzenegger was huge and coming into a Super Bowl when three members of the Chiefs – quarterback Patrick Mahomes, tight end Travis Kelce and head coach Andy Reid – are playing in the game who else are you going to for a State Farm commercial?

State Farm decided to go with Schwarzenegger, who utilized his accent to not the say the “r” in neighbor and delivered.     

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3. Paramount+: Mountain of Entertainment

One of the commercials Paramount+ highlighted some of it shows and characters, including Sir Patrick Stewart saying, “Throw the child” and  “Shut your face!” They also included Drew Barrymore and Miami Dolphins quarterback Tua Tagovailoa with humor with Stewart singing, “I just threw him higher!”

4. Elf lipstick Judge Judy

Utiliting big name stars have dominated the ads during the Super Bowl. For a fashion brand like Elf, they brought it with the Judge Judy characterized as Judge Beauty.

5. NFL International Pathway

Anytime the NFL has put together over the last few years, they have made sure to add their stars, including the NFL 100 commercial in 2019 with the games’ best players of all time from Tom Brady to members of the 1972 undefeated Miami Dolphins team as well as LaDanian Tomlinson and commissioner Roger Goodell.

This year, the NFL highlighted its International Pathway program, giving the inspiration of players to make the league outside the country, such as Philadelphia’s Jordan Mailata, who came to the league from New Zealand. This two-minute advertisement utilized Minnesota’s Justin Jefferson, New Orleans’ Cameron Jordan and New York Giants’ Saquon Barkley.   

6. T-Mobile: Home Internet Feeling

T-Mobile’s commercial featured the Wolverine, Jason Momoa and the feeling on gameday from the food, but more importantly, the wi-fi. Momoa even busted out into song to highlight the positivity of successful home internet.

7. Verizon: Beyonce

Beyonce starred in Verizon’s commercial and not only did she steal the one-minute advertisement but she one-upped Taylor Swift from the Grammys a week ago by adding that she is dropping new music at the conclusion.  

8. Dunkin Donuts

Dunkin’ Donuts commercial not only featured Brady, but it also had appearances from Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez. Affleck leads an audition group with Brady on the disc jockey and Lopez judging them. Ultimately, Affleck’s crew left, but Lopez said Brady could stay.

9. Doritos Dinamitas – Jenna Ortega

Jenna Ortega, 21, headlines Doritos’ advertisement this Super Bowl pushing the cart at a grocery story in front of two elder ladies, named Dina and Mita. Ultimately the two elder ladies show the show in a chase for the Doritos Dynamite chips, called “Doritos Dinamita.”

10. Nerds Gummy Clusters

From one young star to another, this next ad features 23-year-old Addison Rae who stars in Nerds commercial for its Gummy Clusters saying it is the “best candy ever invented.”

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