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Best NFL Jerseys in 2023: All 32 Teams Ranked

Now that 2023 is coming to a close, and the 2023-24 season is a few months away from ending, it’s about time to relook at some of the best jerseys we’ve seen so far. 

There have been a few changes to some of the jerseys, with a lot of teams bringing back some throwback colors and designs that long-time fans might be able to recognize. 

However, a lot of teams have done their best to stick to what they know, which isn’t a bad thing. Based on the various changes that the teams have made, or the basic designs still holding true, we’ll see which teams have the best NFL jerseys in 2023

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32. Washington Commanders

  • NFL team colors: Burgundy and Gold

In 2022, the Commanders received a rebranding, which also came with new uniforms. The burgundy and gold colors are sticking true to their color scheme, and the black alternative uniforms really help them ‘pop’.

The simple ‘W’ on their helmet is said to represent who they are and how they’re truly representing the DMV. They’re simple, not too complex, but maybe that’s why it doesn’t stand out too much for me. 

31. New York Jets

  • NFL team colors: Green and White

Known as the “Legacy White” uniform, the Jets have brought a new throwback uniform that pays tribute to the 1980s while still sticking to a modern look from those worn by the New York Sack Exchange.

These uniforms were worn during the team’s opener on September 11th against the Bills, and once again against the Chiefs October 1st. Aside from the throwback uniform, the original jersey that is pure green with white lettering and wording, pretty much an exact opposite of the throwback uniform, it’s pretty bland.

Besides the fact that Aaron Rodgers, one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL, is on the team, it’s not a jersey that stands out. 

30. Houston Texans

  • NFL team colors: Deep Steel Blue and Battle Red

One of the most boring jerseys in the NFL has got to be the Texans. While they’re a bit new to the jersey designing game, they still have a lot of work to do.

So many teams go with the classic red, white and blue theme which is incredibly boring. Even their logo features that color scheme. However, I will say that their red helmets are pretty snazzy. 

29. New England Patriots

  • NFL team colors: Nautical Blue, New Century Silver and Red

It’s an average jersey with not much design or creativity.

It’s basically alternating between red white and blue. It also doesn’t help that I don’t like the Patriots. That’s because I’m not a fan of Brady, which of course, might make some people mad. Even so, their jersey gets ranked #29 on our best NFL jerseys list.

28. New York Giants

  • NFL team colors: Dark Blue, Grey and Red

Personally, I think this jersey is basic. It’s a blue jersey with some accents, but overall, very simple design.

The color rush jerseys are a bit more interesting, but as for the basic uniforms, could be a lot better. 

27. Jacksonville Jaguars

  • NFL team colors: Dark Gold, Black, Gold and Teal

The Jaguars are definitely okay when it comes to their uniforms and jerseys, but again, they’re not anything special. The all black uniform with accented teal and gold is stunning, but the others are just okay.

My biggest hang up is that so many other teams incorporate more of their titled animals, and jaguars are an easy one to incorporate with their spots. There is room for more creativity here.

26. Denver Broncos

  • NFL team colors: Bronco Navy and Broncos Orange

I’m not a fan of the Broncos, so that might be why they’re so low on the list. But for the 2023 year, the Broncos unveiled the new “Snowcapped” design for the new season that features the “D” logo on the white helmet, which will be worn on the orange alternate uniforms.

It’s definitely nice, but I much rather prefer the navy if I had to choose (although I would rather not see them at all during the NFL playoffs).

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25. Chicago Bears

  • NFL team colors: Dark Navy and Orange

In 2022, the Bears introduced a new orange helmet to go along with their bright orange jerseys, which was a really interesting design from their usual primarily navy uniform with orange accents.

While I enjoy the orange helmet, I don’t enjoy having it paired with the orange jersey, as there isn’t enough navy to help contrast it. It’s definitely overwhelming to look at. 

24. Los Angeles Rams

  • NFL team colors: Blue, Dark Gold, Gold, White and Yellow

I’ve always enjoys the rams simply because of their helmets. Having the iconic curl horn on their helmets really let you know who they are. But I must admit, they’re not my favorite. I think the colors are just too bright. I miss the dark blue, gold accent and white uniforms.

This season we’ve had the royal jerseys, the white jerseys and the bone jerseys. The white and bone are decent, but the royal jersey can be a little too much to look at. 

23. Tennessee Titans

  • NFL team colors: Titans Blue, Titan Navy, Titans Red and Titans Silver

The Tennessee Titans are another one that went back in time with this amazing throwback that tributes their history. Before they were the Titans, they were the Oilers, and had the name officially changed in 1999. For those that have been long-time fans, you might shed a few tears for this one.

They wore these jerseys against the Falcons on October 29th and will do so again December 17th against the Texans. 

22. Philadelphia Eagles

  • NFL team colors: Black, Charcoal, Midnight Green and Silver

The Philadelphia Eagles are bringing back their throwback Kelly Green jerseys for this season, a classic 1990s uniform, which had many Eagles fans excited. Designed by Nike, the Kelly Green is a custom color for the Nike range thanks to Nike’s new color technology.

The jerseys are also said to be using recycled materials. These jerseys were worn during the week 7 home game with Miami and will be worn again during their week 12 game against Buffalo. 

21. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

  • NFL team colors: Bay Orange, Black, Grey, Pewter and Red

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers brought us back to the 1970s to the 1990s with these throwback uniforms that include the Bucco Bruce logo. This design will be worn against the Detroit Lions in week 6.

While many hate on the creamsicle look, and I must admit it’s not the most pleasant, it definitely shows their history compared to their current looks of deep reds and blacks, a standout uniform. 

20. San Francisco 49ers

  • NFL team colors: 49ers Red and Gold

In 2022, the 49ers uniform was updated to follow the pleas of fans to bring in elements from the famous 1980s and 90s uniforms with an iconic Saloon font word mark on the standard home and away jerseys and helmets.

It also has a third stripe on the sleeves which is reminiscent of the team’s dynasty days. 

19. New Orleans Saints

  • NFL team colors: Black and Old Gold

I love this jersey, but it’s really bland as well. Black uniforms are beautiful in my opinion, they really bring out the other colors. And thankfully, most colors in the NFL that say it’s gold look more like yellow, but the Saints did great by making it truly gold.

From their black jerseys to their gold accents and helmets, it’s gorgeous. And with their release of the black helmets? Perfect way to finish the look. 

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18. Buffalo Bills

  • NFL team colors: Blue and Red

Another middle-road uniform that doesn’t do much, but does the trick as well. Their jerseys are pretty bold, I will say that, but they could also work on it a bit more.

It seems like they’re all in with each color, whether that’s blue, red or white. It can be overwhelming, but with the simple and clear design on their helmets, it pretty easy to see who they are. 

17. Green Bay Packers

  • NFL team colors: Dark Green and Gold

The Packers have kept it constant for a while, and that’s totally okay. When I was a kid, my father would quiz me on classic rock names, and team names, and besides the Chiefs, this was one of the first teams I recognized.

The bold green jersey with yellow-gold accents works well for them. It’s quite simple and a bit basic, but it truly does the trick. 

16. Detroit Lions

  • NFL team colors: Black, Honolulu Blue, Silver and White

We’ve talked a lot about the uniforms themselves, but what about changes to helmets?

The Lions started this season by wearing new helmets against their all-grey uniforms to celebrate the 90th season. They also updated their logo with a classic one to pay homage the team’s history. 

15. Miami Dolphins

  • NFL team colors: Aqua, Blue and Orange

Another jersey that’s pretty middle-of-the-road is the Miami Dolphins, which have a great color scheme, but they could do a lot more with it. The blue and orange combo really helps make their jerseys stand out.

It seems like with all of their uniforms, whether home, away or alternative, there is always something more that it needs. Either there’s a bit too much white and not enough of the bold accents, or it’s just meh. Either way, I do enjoy the orange jersey with blue accents, it’s bold, but which there was more. 

14. Carolina Panthers

  • NFL team colors: Black, Carolina Blue, and Silver

Subtle changes can go a long way, and the Panthers did just that. Thanks to Nike’s updated color technology, their uniforms now have a different shadow of blue.

Nike was previously unable to match the “Process Blue” of the Panthers, but now they’re able to. While you might not notice this clearly on your television screens, this is a nice change that will make the uniforms just a bit more “Panther” than before. 

13. Baltimore Ravens

  • NFL team colors: Black, Gold, Purple and Red

I have an all-black wardrobe pretty much, so I do love a decent black outfit. And some colors just pair up so well with the color, like purple, which makes it an eye-catching uniform. There are some rumors going around about the Ravens bringing out their all-black jersey for the Bengals game on week 11, and I’m hoping it’s true.

The all black with the hint and accents of purple really make them bold. And while I know that’s one of their colors, I can’t stand the look of the purple jersey with gold pants. They look yellow, almost, and there’s just something a bit off-putting in my opinion.

12. Dallas Cowboys

  • NFL team colors: Blue, Royal Blue, Silver, Silver-Green and White

The Cowboys also have a rumored throwback uniform that is coming out soon, apparently during Thanksgiving Day. The team will be wearing a navy throwback jersey this holiday game.

While some are thinking that it might be the same one from last year, the double stars on the shoulder with white pants and a white helmet, others are curious to see if something new is coming out. Whatever the case may be, the Cowboys have a decent jersey in general.

While it’s not much, it’s like the Raiders and Steelers, you know who you’re up against and who’s on the field with their designs. The big star on the helmet with no other words is enough said. And their jerseys are a beautiful play with both the navy and the whites, making for a gorgeous getup. 

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11. Minnesota Vikings

  • NFL team colors: Gold and Purple

There have been so many throwbacks this season, which is truly inspiring to see some of your favorite teams in their original colors or designs.

Another team is the Vikings, who have brought back their retro 60s and 70s designs that “pays homage to the team’s earlier voyages with deeper purple and larger, gold-trimmed numbers than the modern jersey, as well as retro sleeve stripes”, according to the official announcement. This classic jersey was worn week 1 against the Buccaneers. 

10. Atlanta Falcons

  • NFL team colors: Black, Red and Silver

The Falcons always sported the vibrant red, but now their helmets have a revamped design and are from the 1966 uniforms. They were worn during week 2 with the Panthers, and wee6 against the Commanders, and will be again in week 12 against the Saints.

The rest of the uniforms are a great mixture of their colors, with each feature really helping the rest of the uniform pop. And while I’m not a fan of the bulky, sharp lettering that it has, it does come off as if it’s a falcon’s talon, so it fits well. 

9. Seattle Seahawks

  • NFL team colors: College Navy, Action Green and Wolf Grey

The Seattle Seahawks are another team bringing back the classics with the 1990s throwback uniform. The jersey is royal blue with silver helmets, and fans are hyped.

They wore this jersey October 29th during the week 8 game against the Browns. For their main jerseys, I cannot get enough of. From the navy blue to the lime green highlights in their jersey, it’s just striking. And while at any other occasion it might gaudy, the lime green alternate jersey with navy accents is just stunning. 

8. Pittsburgh Steelers

  • NFL team colors: Black, Blue, Red, Silver and Steelers Gold

When I was growing up and watching football with my father, the Packers and Steelers were two teams I could recognize before my own, which obviously annoyed my family but what can you do? One of the biggest reasons the Steelers stuck out to me more than others was just from their vibrant, bumble bee uniforms.

Which is not at all what it represents, but that’s what I thought. Plus, their helmets really stood out to me from the three colored diamonds. From their gorgeous all black jerseys that I love more than anything, to their white and yellow jerseys, these guys really make an appearance. 

7. Indianapolis Colts

  • NFL team colors: Grey and Speed Blue

Worn week 7 against the Browns, the Colts have a new alternative uniform called the “Indiana Nights” which include a black helmet, the first in their franchise, and a vibrant blue uniform.

It’s absolutely gorgeous, one of my favorite new jerseys this year. It really helps them stand out and creates an even brighter blue. As for their other jerseys, they stay true and classic. I also love that the two lines on their shoulders represent a horseshoe, really helping drive home their team. 

6. Kansas City Chiefs

  • NFL team colors: Red, White and Gold

Currently 7-2, the Chiefs have made quite a name for themselves over the past few years thanks to Mahomes. Of course, the rating is definitely influenced by the fact that I’m a Chiefs fan through-in-through, but you can’t deny that we were in a huge rut for a while.

But with our star quarterback and tight end, we’ve really reached a height lately. And let’s not forget the ever-growing attention we’re receiving thanks to the amazing Taylor Swift (just kidding). Even though the design has remained very similar, the Chiefs’ colors deserve to be in the top ten best NFL jerseys.

In 2023, the team added a small football-shaped patch on the right side of each player’s chest, but other than that, we have the classic red and white jerseys that just sparkle in the sun! While it’s the same jersey every year lately, it really stays true to who we are. 

5. Cleveland Browns

  • NFL team colors: Brown and Orange

Another team that has focused on their helmets rather than their jerseys are the Browns. Their helmets that will be worn with their white throwback jerseys, a throwback that hasn’t been seen since 1946.

The helmets were worn against the Steelers in week 2 and against week 6 against the 49ers, and then once again with the Jets in week 17. 

4. Arizona Cardinals

  • NFL team colors: Black, Red and Yellow

The Arizona Cardinals have new uniforms, making them one of the best NFL jerseys, designed in April of 2023, the first major overhaul since 2005.

They are also the only team to offer a complete change to their range of uniforms for this season. Check out the new look below for the new, revamped version. Their uniforms offer a more simple, clean design, as well as some subtle changes to the helmets. 

3. Las Vegas Raiders

  • NFL team colors: Black and White

Surprisingly, the Raiders weren’t always black and white. During the 1960s, they actually wore gold and black. It wasn’t until the late 1960s that they started to incorporate silver, or white.

It might look incredibly basic, because it is, with only varying alternative looks between the home, away and alternate jersey, but with the Raiders having one of the most well-known careers, you can’t deny that they are incredibly recognizable just by using two or three colors in their jerseys. When they step on the field, they look clean and sharp, and are ready to give the other team hell. 

2. Cincinnati Bengals

  • NFL team colors: Black, Orange and White

Any jersey that puts more of their team onto their clothing is better than most. Most of the time all you see are decorative helmets with their logo, but every team can do more than just that without making it disruptive or annoying. For example, the Bengals have done an astounding job at this. One of the best NFL jerseys have made the colors spot on, and their designs create for such a believable image.

For instance, the home jersey, with the black on their chest, white around their sides, and orange shoulders can really be recognizable as a Bengal tiger. The colors are spot on. And don’t forget the claw markings coming around their shoulders. It’s definitely distinct and creative. 

1. Los Angeles Chargers

  • NFL team colors: Maastricht Blue, American Yellow and Ocean Boat Blue

I’ve always been a fan of the Chargers simply because their helmets are truly electrifying. I think their jerseys are beautiful, and they really pop no matter what kind they’re wearing.

From the ocean blue jersey to the white, and the white or yellow pants, they really are gorgeous and compliments the team well. The jersey I love the most out of them all is their navy blue with yellow accents. It really helps them stand out.

What makes these one of the best NFL jerseys is from the simple designs, like the lines on their helmets, shoulders and pants that are lightning bolts. These jerseys came with their 2020 rebrand, giving them a lineup of wonderful uniforms. It also helps the Chargers tend to have a steady, consistent season most of the time.

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