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3 ideal Bennedict Mathurin landing spots in the 2022 NBA Draft

Bennedict Mathurin was a force to be reckoned with in his two seasons with the Arizona Wildcats. The 6-foot-7 wing found success as a high-volume shooter who also exhibited premier athleticism in slashing to the rim.

Mathurin is an efficient outside shooter who has flashed the ability to be a leading scorer. It’s a matter of him becoming more of a shooting scorer and getting points off the dribble at the next level.

Here are three ideal landing spots for Mathurin relative to where teams are selecting.

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3. Bennedict Mathurin to the New York Knicks

NBA: New York Knicks at Sacramento Kings
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The Knicks have a lot of players on rookie contracts and a puzzling offseason on the horizon. That said, Mathurin would be a prudent selection for New York.

If Mathurin eventually overtakes Evan Fournier in the Knicks’ starting lineup, he can make a difference in their offense. In time, Mathurin and RJ Barrett would form a compelling outside duo, as the former is adept at sinking perimeter jump shots and the latter gets a great deal of points from attacking the rack. All the while, both players can sky above the rim.

Barrett, Mathurin and Immanuel Quickley would give the Knicks a prosperous perimeter attack regardless of how they fill out their starting frontcourt. Mathurin’s selection also gives the Knicks more depth at speed positions.

All that said, the Knicks would have to trade away multiple wings (e.g. Alec Burks and Cam Reddish) to clear out a definitive role for Mathurin, potentially leading to a discouraging rookie season.

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2. Bennedict Mathurin to the Detroit Pistons

Falling from No. 3 to No. 5 in the NBA Draft Lottery after back-to-back anemic regular seasons isn’t exactly ideal for a rebuilding team like the Pistons. At the same time, they can still get an impact player at five. Mathurin would be an exciting pickup for head coach Dwane Casey’s rotation.

Detroit has some players to be enthused by in Cade Cunningham, Saddiq Bey and Isaiah Stewart. In the meantime, they need another player to inject positivity into their organization, which Mathurin would do. Serving as the team’s starting shooting guard, Mathurin gives the Pistons another player who can score in varying ways.

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Furthermore, Mathurin would form an auspicious backcourt with Cunningham, as the two players can stick outside jump shots and occasionally ambush defenders at the rim. With Mathurin in the fold, the Pistons can focus on signing an interior threat or another frontcourt scorer with their $20-plus million in cap space this offseason.

The factor that could stop the Pistons from selecting Mathurin, though, is them preferring to add a scorer who will primarily attack the basket, as opposed to someone who will likely be a high-volume shooter from the jump (Cunningham gets up a lot of perimeter shots).

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1. Bennedict Mathurin to the Sacramento Kings

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The Kings have a puzzling roster formation, but the No. 4 pick allows them to perhaps justify their daring midseason trade for Domantas Sabonis that most notably sent Tyrese Haliburton and Buddy Hield to the Indiana Pacers. Mathurin is a sensible selection for the Kings.

De’Aaron Fox is an attacking scorer. Davion Mitchell is a reliable, two-way player who gets points off the dribble. Sabonis is a superb interior scorer with a respectable mid-range game. Richaun Holmes gets a lot of points in the paint. Mathurin gives the Kings a much-needed perimeter threat.

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Stretching the floor for Fox and Sabonis, Mathurin helps make the Kings a complementary operation regardless of whether he starts or comes off the bench. Furthermore, Mathurin gives the Kings another scoring option, giving them three players who can create offense on their own.

Fit is everything in the NBA. Mathurin can be construed as the fourth-best prospect in the 2022 NBA Draft Class, but Mathurin’s fit with the Kings is what makes him a worthwhile selection at four. His speed strengthens a strength while also filling a void.

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