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Likely timeline for Baltimore Orioles sale approval could have a huge effect on trade deadline moves

baltimore orioles
May 5, 2023; Atlanta, Georgia, USA; A detailed view of a Baltimore Orioles hat and glove in the dugout during a game against the Atlanta Braves in the seventh inning at Truist Park. Mandatory Credit: Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

The timeline for the Baltimore Orioles sale approval may open the door for the team to be aggressive in making big moves at the MLB trade deadline.

After months of rumblings that the Orioles could be up for sale, the news broke a few weeks ago that a group led by Baltimore native David Rubenstein would be purchasing the team for a whopping $1.72 million. The revelation was met with a great deal of excitement by supporters frustrated with the Angelos family’s lack of aggression to add payroll and improve the roster over the last decade.

Now, with a billionaire set to take over the team, there is hope that Baltimore could start wheeling and dealing for star players like division rivals the New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox have done for decades. And a new report has revealed that the organization might be able to go shopping for expensive stars before this year’s trade deadline.

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Baltimore Orioles Sale expected to happen before All-Star break

baltimore orioles
Credit: Reggie Hildred-USA TODAY Sports

While it seems simple, completing a deal for a sports franchise worth close to $2 billion and then getting approval from MLB’s 29 other owners can take months to complete. It has led many to wonder if final approval for Rubenstein to take over would happen in time for the team to be bold in improving the roster before the trade deadline.

On Sunday, USA Today MLB insider Bob Nightengale reported that “The sale of the Baltimore Orioles to David Rubenstein should be approved by the owners before the All-Star break.” This year’s All-Star game is on July 16. A couple of weeks before the Aug. 1 MLB trade deadline.

Giving the organization more than enough time to dive head-first into the trade market and have the billionaire backing of their new owner if they need to add payroll to improve the roster for a title run.

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