Aaron Rodgers reportedly could return to New York Jets sooner with cutting-edge rehab used by soldiers

It is a serious long shot that Aaron Rodgers will be able to suit up for the New York Jets again in 2023, however, a prominent NFL insider explained this week a couple of the techniques the future Hall-of-Famer might use to make a shocking comeback this season.

NFL Week 1 was a perfect example of why New York Jets fans believe their franchise is cursed. After a summer filled with hope and excitement, the team’s season was thrust into despair when Aaron Rodgers suffered a torn Achilles just four plays into his season.

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It was a shocking turn of events that took the Jets from a title contender to a team that will likely have to fight to reach the postseason in 2023. However, the 39-year-old has tried to give New York fans hope that this may not be a lost season by publicly stating his desire to prove all the naysayers wrong about what the recovery time could be for an injury that may require a year of rehab to return from.

Last week, Rodgers underwent surgery and the procedure reportedly used by Achilles surgeon Dr. Neal ElAttrache is called “SpeedBridge.” The technique is newer and is supposed to promote quicker healing by accelerating the range of motion in the calf without stretching the repaired tendon. Yet that may not be where the cutting-edge techniques to get Rodgers back sooner ends.

NFL insider suggests two new types of rehab could help Aaron Rodgers make shocking return in 2023

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Credit: USA Today Network

On Monday, well-known NFL insider Peter King suggested that the four-time MVP could be the perfect person to undergo Blood Flow Resistance Rehabilitation and explained why the strategy often used by soldiers could be in play.

“The Blood Flow Resistance method applies a tourniquet to the injured area to partially restrict the flow of blood during strength training. Per Johnny Owens, a therapist and CEO of Houston-based Owens Recovery Science, the brain then triggers a rush of hormones and other strengthening modes to the affected area, promoting accelerated metabolism and healing. Owens has used this with wounded soldiers at the Brooke Army Medical Center near San Antonio.”

– Peter King

King also suggested that a recent notion in the medical field is that range of motion activities for such injuries could occur as soon as 10 days after surgery instead of waiting three weeks. That too could speed up the recovery process.

In general, he noted that the work the patient puts into the rehabilitation is key, and there is little doubt Aaron Rodgers will be fully invested in trying to return to the New York Jets in 2023.

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