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Name for the merged XFL and USFL league may have been revealed and it’s quite disappointing

The new name for a merged XFL and USFL league may have been revealed and it is shockingly the same brand as another failed spring professional football league.

Football is king when it comes to sports in the United States. College football is a beloved part of Saturdays all over the country — especially in the south — and the NFL reels in billions each year and continues to set new television ratings records.

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That is why it is no surprise that entrepreneurs continue to invest in the idea of spring football. Since the nation loves the sport so much, getting more of it in the traditional offseasons for the NFL and college ranks makes sense. Yet, no matter how often businessmen and women continue to try, spring leagues always seem to fail.

Over the last two years, football fans have had the option of more professional ball in the final days of winter and spring in leagues like the USFL and XFL. Unfortunately, neither has delivered big ratings and consistent crowds, so it wasn’t completely shocking when it was announced last month the two leagues planned to merge starting in 2024.

UFL could be the new brand for the merged XFL and USFL league

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Following that revelation, supporters of the two leagues wondered what a merged version would be called. Would it maintain the branding of one of the leagues, or go in a completely new direction? Well, it seems they are going with a new name that is actually old.

Late last week, the San Antonio Express-News reported that the XFL had officially applied for protections last week for the brands of the “United Football League” and “UFL.” The assumption is that this likely could be the new name for a merged league, and it makes sense.

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However, that brand may seem familiar, because it was already used for a spring football league that launched in 2009 and eventually folded three years later in 2012.

While USXFL or XUSFL would have been awkward, at least they would have been fresh, instead of two failing spring leagues using the name of another. In the end, UFL may not be used and the two leagues could still go in another direction for their branding in 2024.

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