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Bray Wyatt WWE Smackdown preview, plus ‘The Fiend’/Daniel Bryan’s feud, Roman Reigns allies

Bray Wyatt WWE Smackdown
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The next chapter of WWE Smackdown Live is Friday night and while Bray Wyatt may have developed another layer to his persona, and his current rival, Daniel Bryan is looking a little more like Bryan Danielson after WWE TLC.

It’s about time to start building toward The Royal Rumble 2020, but before we get too far into that lane, let’s look back at TLC’s results, Roman Reigns’ predicament and the potential impact on Friday’s episode of SmackDown Live.

Bray Wyatt WWE Smackdown: Weak side

Most of us have picked up on this before TLC, but at Sunday’s pay-per-view, Bray Wyatt apart from The Fiend persona isn’t as indestructible. In an odd match at TLC, The Miz mounted some considerable offense against the creepy Mr. Rogers clone before succumbing to a pinfall that was preceded by a Sister Abigail.

Mazique Smackdown

  • I thought Bray should have lost considering it was a non-title match, which conversely had no place on a pay-per-view, but I digress.
  • Bray Wyatt seems to be the sick-and-twisted Clark Kent to The Fiend’s Superman.

The Fiend was teased at TLC, yet never made an appearance. You have to wonder with the feud with Bryan clearly not over if The Fiend will be back with a vengeance on Friday.

Daniel Bryan looks like Bryan Danielson

At TLC, Bryan showed up looking like a superhero in his original story. Wearing a plain hoodie, jeans and sneakers, Bryan attacked and got the better of Wyatt after his win over The Miz, before he was presumably removed by The Fiend.

  • Brazilian Wax: Bryan was clean-shaven and looked a lot like he did earlier in his career when he performed under his given name. It seems as if his character is being reset for a new beginning. However, I’d expect to see and hear the “YES!” movement back in full swing on Friday.

Roman Reigns needs some allies

Reigns was close to a victory over Baron Corbin at TLC in their rough-and-tumble affair until Dolph Ziggler and the Revival came out to gang up on The Big Dog.

Big Bang Baby

  • The numbers game is leading to beatdown after beatdown for Reigns.
  • It’s likely WWE creative is allowing Reigns to continue being outnumbered because it wants him to look strong, yet still embattled.
  • That’s an old-school build formula for a babyface. It remains to be seen if it will work in 2020.

It’s time someone steps in to help. As TLC concluded, Reigns got assistance from The Street Profits, The New Day and others. SP is a part of Raw’s roster, so it’s unlikely they spill over to Smackdown. Perhaps the New Day provides the backup.

The Sheamus watch

It didn’t surprise me when Sheamus didn’t make his return at TLC. I figured it might happen this Friday. Without a question, he’ll be an entrant in the Royal Rumble. He won the match in 2012 in St. Louis. Perhaps that’s when he makes his return.

Family Feud: Survey Says…

  • Until then, we’ll continue to speculate on his return date and his foe. A feud with Shinsuke Nakamura is intriguing. The Artist is still the Intercontinental Champion, and that’s one of the few titles Sheamus hasn’t held in his Hall-of-Fame bound career.
  • Nakamura had been embroiled in some tag-team angles, yet it’s nothing that can’t be abandoned. With Sami Zayn along Nakamura’s side, and with the title implications, a feud with Sheamus could be money.

MORE SMACKDOWN: I’m hoping with all that is sensible, Sheamus isn’t matched with the recently returned Elias. I love the drifter, but his push was killed and he’s been relegated to joke status ever since. Here’s to hoping WWE doesn’t thrust Sheamus into that mess.

New Day reportedly signed new deals, does that mean they’re dropping the titles?

Kofi Kingston, Big E and the injured Xavier Woods have reportedly signed new multi-year deals with WWE. While that represents security, it may not equate to an even longer run as the Smackdown Tag Team Champions. In fact, it might mean the squad is about to drop their titles soon.

The Usos re-upped with WWE in April and promptly dropped their titles less than a week later on the episode of Smackdown after WrestleMania 35. Don’t be shocked to see The Revival grab the belts as soon as Friday.

More Sasha Banks, Bayley, and Lacey Evans drama

Sasha Banks, Smackdown Women’s Champion Bayley nor Lacey Evans performed at TLC, which is a little interesting. That said, I’d expect to see the women play a strong role on Friday.

Lacey has gotten the better of the duo in the recent scrapes. I suspect it’s time for the new babyface to take a beating at the hands of Sasha and Bayley on Friday. Perhaps Carmella will come out to help even the odds at some point.

This is likely a feud that will last into the Royal Rumble and perhaps into WrestleMania 36. Hopefully, we start to see something that keeps us awake.

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