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NBA veteran pinpoints why J.J. Redick would be a bad hire for Los Angeles Lakers

J.J. Redick
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The Los Angeles Lakers are searching for a new head coach for the third time since LeBron James arrived in 2018. While the Lakers have won a championship in that span, they haven’t come close to experiencing the same success since, and now some rumors are pointing to J.J. Redick being a potential savior.

Having never been a head coach or even an assistant, Redick is the least qualified of the bunch when compared to other candidates. Yet, everyone has to start somewhere, and just because he doesn’t currently have any experience, it doesn’t mean Redick can’t be a successful NBA head coach.

Udonis Haslem doubts J.J. Redick’s ability to command Lakers locker room

But former Miami Heat forward Udonis Haslem doesn’t believe Redick can be successful coaching LeBron James and the Lakers. Here were Haslem’s comments on ESPN’s NBA Today.

“If it’s J.J. (Redick), it’s gonna be a cynical locker room. You’re going to see guys that are going to say, ‘Is coach going to do a podcast after the game with LeBron?’ You’re going to have a cynical locker room with guys that are going to side-eye everything J.J. says, cuz they’re going to wonder, is it J.J.’s message or is it LeBron’s message?”

Former LeBron James teammate Udonis Haslem on J.J. Redick/Lakers head coach vacancy

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LeBron James and J.J. Redick share a podcast titled Mind the Game. While Haslem’s comments are comical, it’s hard to imagine the James/Redick duo continuing with their podcast content if the two did team up on the Lakers.

Yet, Haslem raises a good point. Hiring Redick would almost seem like the Lakers are hiring LeBron’s buddy, and that may not go over too well in the locker room. While it may be great for LeBron, what about the rest of his teammates who actually rely on good coaching to maximize their skill sets?

Either way, seeing where the Lakers turn for their next head coach will be a fascinating storyline to watch this summer.

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