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WATCH: Wild sequence in Kansas vs. Texas game as Longhorns block extra point and score

John Gutierrez-USA TODAY Sports

The Kansas Jayhawks and Texas Longhorns game is wild, folks. Things are getting weirder and weirder in the fourth quarter, as you’re about to see.

Up by the score of 31-24, Sam Ehlinger threw an unconscionable interception to Najee Stevens-McKenzie, who returned it to the Texas 16-yard line.

One play later, running back Pooka Williams scored a touchdown.

On the extra-point, which would have tied the game, Liam Jones had his attempt blocked by Malcolm Roach, and then D’Shawn Jamison ran it back 98 yards for the score to give Texas a 33-30 lead.

Just a wild, crazy sequence of events that most definitely flipped momentum back to the Longhorns, who went on to score another touchdown on their next offensive possession to go up 40-30 with 8:32 left on the clock in the fourth quarter.

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