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WATCH: Failed jump pass sums up Oklahoma Sooners football’s historic loss to Texas in Week 6

Oklahoma sooners football
Credit: Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

The Oklahoma Sooners football program had a historically bad day against the Texas Longhorns on Saturday, and a massive fail on a jump pass by running back Eric Gray summed it all up perfectly.

Oklahoma versus Texas is a marquee game on the college football schedule every season. No matter how good or bad those teams are in a given year. That is just how storied both programs are and their rivalry. Which has lasted for over 100 years. However, 2022 is not a banner year for either university.

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The Sooners and Longhorns entered this year’s edition of their century-long series both with a record of 3-2. With neither being ranked nor in the running for division and national titles, the weight of pressure in this matchup came purely from the bragging rights of sending their enemies to a .500 record.

Trick play goes way wrong for Oklahoma Sooners football in Week 6 drubbing to Texas

Oklahoma sooners football
OU’s Eric Gray (0) rushed for 102 yards on 16 carries and added two catches for 33 yards on Saturday against UTEP. oufoot — cover

However, as the game played out, it became very clear which team was the better unit. With just three minutes left in the first half, Oklahoma found themselves already down by 21 points to the Longhorns. But they hoped to build some momentum going into the half as they were moving the ball late in the second quarter and were on their opponent’s 20-yard line. Unfortunately, the effort would all go for naught soon after.

In an attempt at trickery, and being a little too cute, Sooners offensive coordinator Jeff Lebby called for a wildcat set with star running back Eric Gray taking the snap. When he received it Gray faked an inside run, stopped, and attempted a jump pass to tight end Brayden Willis. Unfortunately, Willis and Gray were crossed up on their signals and the tight end continued to run his route.

Waiting instead to receive the failed pass was Texas defensive back Jahdae Barron who reeled in the interception. Bringing a sad attempt to the Sooners’ best attempt at putting points on the board thus far in the game.

It was one of many moments in a game that saw the Oklahoma Sooners football team down 49-0 as the two squads neared the end of the matchup. The game will break the previous point differential record of 33 for a Texas win over Oklahoma, which was set in 2005. Saturday will now go down as the worst beating Oklahoma football has ever taken to their legendary rival Texas.

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