WATCH: Johnny Manziel opens up about the struggles of playing in Cleveland

Actor and comedian Kevin Hart’s new series, Cold As Balls, is appearing to be a big hit after a successful season premiere last week, featuring ex-NBA star Lamar Odom.

This week, Hart’s guest is former Cleveland Browns quarterback Johnny Manziel. The interview between Hart and Manziel takes place as each sit in an ice bath in a locker room scene (hence, the title Cold As Balls). That’s where Manziel candidly opens up to Hart about really not liking Cleveland after being drafted by the Browns.

“Once I landed and went to Berea, Ohio for the first time, I was like, ‘Can I go back to college? I don’t know anybody, I don’t know where I’m at.  It’s cold, I don’t like it.

Manziel also discusses his struggles within the NFL, saying he “didn’t know what it took” and did not realize “how much hard work” he had to put in to “be good.”

He admitted the first time he went out to play it “went so bad.” Manziel said the pressure badly impacted his home life.

Now, he says all he can do is look back and try to reflect since there is nothing he can change about his past actions. When Hart asks about playing football in the NFL again, Manziel says it is still his dream and goal.

The end of the interview wraps up with Manziel quizzing Hart about how much Hart knows about him. All the while, the guys in the locker room keep adding ice to Hart’s bath, which he aggressively fights off. Finally, Hart promotes Manziel’s services to whoever in the general public may be watching.

Maybe some day, Manziel will get another shot to play in the NFL. For now, it is good to see the young quarterback with his life affairs currently in order and boasting a career in the CFL.

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