WATCH: Johnny Manziel fails miserably on cliff dive

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Free-agent quarterback Johnny Manziel was out and about in Arizona earlier this week enjoying some time in the sun.

Luckily for Johnny Football, he escaped injury during a stunt that could be described as “don’t try this at home.”

Manziel was hanging with friends at the famous cliffs at Lake Pleasant near Phoenix. He decided to dive off a cliff and into the water.

The execution left a lot to be desired.

As you can see, Mr. Manziel slipped before he went for the dive. Luckily, he made it down into the water without any further issue. Talk about someone looking out for you.

Pro tip. Going barefoot on a cliff probably isn’t the best of ideas.

As for Manziel, it’s also a good thing he’s not rostered by an NFL team. We don’t need the much-maligned quarterback giving his head coach a scare like that.

Manziel, 27, has not suited up in the NFL since the 2015 season after a combination of substance abuse issues and off-field problems derailed a once-promising career with the Cleveland Browns.

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