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WATCH: Brock Osweiler nails unsuspecting dude in the head on throwaway

Courtesy of Mark Modes, USA Today Sports

Rather than force a pass into coverage and throw a possible interception, Denver Broncos quarterback Brock Osweiler threw the ball away. Decisions like that will certainly please everyone on the Denver sideline. Everyone except for the poor dude who got slammed in the face, that is.


Denver is one of the team’s that’s been struggling at the quarterback position. As such, the Broncos have heard plenty of “You should sign Colin Kaepernick” talks. Now, Osweiler and Kaepernick can be compared side by side.

Osweiler has been the butt of many jokes over the last two seasons. More often than not, it’s been deserved. But this kind of accuracy deserves some praise.

Not only did Osweiler nail this poor dude, but he knocked his hat off. That’s some William Tell like precision, there.