WATCH: Aaron Rodgers’ Hail Mary against Lions almost hit rafters at Ford Field

Aaron Rodgers has arguably the strongest arm in the NFL, and he showed off his gun in a major way during Thursday night’s NFC North tilt against the Detroit Lions.

The Green Bay Packers needed a touchdown with zeroes on the clock to avoid losing their second game in a row and their fifth out of their last six. After a controversial facemask call against the Lions that allowed Rogers this one final chance to pull out a miracle, the gunslinger delivered with a throw of legendary proportions.

When he let the ball go, it seemed like there was no chance the ball could possibly get to the end zone, given the unreal trajectory. Rodgers threw the ball so high, it literally almost hit the rafters at Ford Field.

Watch the throw from this unique perspective, thanks to Instagram user Brandon Movitz, who was at the game and taped it from the stands.

Same ole lions ?

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The final stat sheet will tell you Rodgers’ Hail Mary pass was 61 yards, but it was at least 70, given where he was on the field when he let the ball go.

Tight end Richard Rodgers came down with the ball, thanks in part to the beautiful throw and thanks in part to Detroit’s abysmal defense. There was literally nobody in front of Rodgers, which is inexcusable for any defense attempting to defend against the Hail Mary, but that’s why the Lions are the Lions.

The win allowed the Packers to catch up to NFC North leader Minnesota in the win column, and Rodgers once again proved why he’s the NFL’s preeminent passer.

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