Washington Redskins will conduct formal review for possible name change

Washington Redskins owner Daniel Snyder

Following intense pressure from NFL fansFedEx and Nike to change the team’s name, the Washington Redskins announced on Friday that they will formally review a possible name change.

Washington Redskins announce formal review for name change

The heat intensified on Daniel Snyder this week after investors worth more than $620 billion called on FedEx, PepsiCo. and Nike to terminate their partnership with the team unless the name was changed.

Snyder, who has refused to bow to public pressure for years, was initially expected to stand by the team’s name. However, he seemingly changed his mind in the past few hours as demonstrated by the team’s statement on Friday.

After telling USA Today in 2013 that the team would never change its name, Snyder now seems open to finally considering an overhaul to the organization’s brand. After being called out by some of the team’s top sponsors and with their future home now in jeopardy, Washington will review its team name.

The term is defined as a racial slur by Dictionary.com and Merriam-Webster’s dictionary, citing the use of the slur against Native Americans throughout the history of the United States.

Notably, Snyder said in Friday’s statement that the team will take its “proud tradition and history” into account, while also receiving some input from sponsors, the NFL and the community.

While a thorough review must still be completed, NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport reported that a name change is now viewed as likely.

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