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Washington head coach Ron Rivera speaks out after bombshell story

Washington head coach Ron Rivera during intro press conference
Credit: Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

New Washington head football coach Ron Rivera could not have envisioned how the start of his tenure in D.C. would look after accepting the job following the 2019 season.

The COVID-19 pandemic forced Washington into an all-virtual off-season program. The NFL team is in the midst of changing its name. And now, a bombshell report from The Washington Post indicates that there’s been a toxic culture of sexual harassment within an organization led by embattled owner Daniel Snyder.

Washington’s new head coach is now speaking on this.

Ron Rivera takes strong stance after bombshell report

A true leader as the Carolina Panthers’ head coach or nine seasons, we can take Rivera at his word. He’s among the most-respected men in the entire NFL world. If Rivera can’t help change the culture in the nation’s capital, I am not too sure who will be able to.

The Washington Post’s report

A total of 15 female Washington employees spoke to The Post, 14 of them on a condition of anonymity over fear of backlash from the organization.

The report paints an ugly picture of sexual harassment and a machismo culture within the Washington organization, from top to bottom.

While Mr. Snyder was not directly implicated, he is the owner of the team. Responsibility starts and ends with him.

It’s not yet known what action the NFL might take moving forward. We’ve also unlikely to have heard the end of this after one story. But based on Rivera’s comments, he’s not a happy camper.

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