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Washington Commanders boss reportedly took a $10M salary for years while other NFL owners did not

As time passes, more and more questionable decisions come out about Washington Commanders majority owner Daniel Snyder, and it seems the latest is that the NFL boss uses large amounts of team funds to pay himself. Something many other owners reportedly don’t do.

The Washington Commanders boss has been embroiled in drama for the better part of the last year. He has been the source of multiple investigations, including from the league and congress, as a spotlight was put on the organization’s abhorrent history of sexual misconduct and financial improprieties.

It led to pressure from fans and the industry for Snyder to sell his control of the team, and the 58-year-old recently acquiesced to that preference by putting his shares of the team up for sale late last year.

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However, while that process continues to stretch out much further than many expected, more questionable decisions the Washington Commanders’ majority owner has made continue to come to light. Last month it was revealed that the Snyder was under investigation for possible bank fraud over an unapproved $450 million loan. Well, there’s more.

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On Friday, Front Office Sports reported that Mary Jo White — the person overseeing the NFL’s new investigation into the team — has uncovered more questionable financial decisions by Snyder. This time, it seems he was actually paying himself a $10 million salary from the team’s cophers, despite that being highly uncommon for NFL bosses.

Snyder reportedly chose to forego the salary during the COVID-19 pandemic, however, new records showed it returned to the books last year, and Snyder actually gave himself a “substantial” pay increase this time around. Those funds are now under scrutiny following the possible bank fraud.

“While that’s not against league rules, White is looking into whether any loans — including the $450 million the NFL approved in 2021 that allowed Snyder to buy out three co-owners — were used improperly.”

– Front Office Sports report

The process to sell the Washington Commanders is reportedly close to being finalized, and Amazon founder Jeff Bezos is still believed to be a top contender to pay a record-breaking amount for the storied NFL franchise.

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