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Urban Meyer lands another job after flunking with Jacksonville Jaguars

Urban Meyer

Few anticipated that Urban Meyer would be searching for a new job just one year after the Jacksonville Jaguars hired him to help turn their program into a winner with one of the top quarterback prospects of this generation.

But after a 2-11 start to his year, along with some off-and on-field concerns, not only with his players and the locker room, but also his perception with the public, Meyer quickly wore out his welcome in the same state he once rose to fame with, as the former Florida Gators head coach.

The Jaguars have obviously moved on long ago, hiring Doug Pederson, who’s set to take over the project Meyer left behind.

But what about Meyer? What is the coach with a career college coaching record of 187-32 up to in 2022?

According to Fox Sports, Meyer will be joining their weekly Big Noon Kickoff college football television program. Meyer joins a crew that already has former NFL QBs Brady Quinn and Matt Leinart in addition to Heisman winner Reggie Bush and host Rob Stone.

Meyer will be traveling with the team each week, covering the day’s best NCAA football matchups. His first show will be on Thursday, Sept. 1 at 7 PM ET.

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Urban Meyer’s new gig should help repair his image

For Meyer, it’s a soft landing in a place where he’s surrounded by college football experts, and the former Florida and Ohio State coach can provide his own perspective in addition to the former players.

Maybe we’ll even hear him dish a bit about his brief NFL experience as a head coach? Though chances are the FOX crew and Meyer will steer far away from the topics, choosing to stick to college football analysis instead.

As bad as his NFL tenure went, Meyer is a legend in college football and a very popular name. It’s unlikely he’d ever return to the NFL, but maybe someday, another program would gladly hand him another opportunity based on his track record in the past.

Perhaps this gig in the public eye is his first step toward picking up the whistle and clipboard once again. If not, he’s likely being paid quite handsomely to still work in a field he knows and loves. It’s a win-win situation for Meyer.

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