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Tyreek Hill: Patrick Mahomes ‘worth even more’ than he got on 10-year contract

Kansas City Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes at the line

Kansas City Chiefs superstar Patrick Mahomes was rewarded with a monster 10-year contract recently, but teammate Tyreek Hill thinks he’s worth even more.

Speaking with TMZ Sports, Hill said, “I mean, hell, I thought he was worth even more!!”

How much is Patrick Mahomes’ new contract worth?

The contract Mahomes signed set a new record for total value in pro sports. It’s a landmark deal that pays him up to $503 million. It includes $477 million in “guaranteed mechanisms,” which is a sexy term that really means Mahomes will earn that money unless the Chiefs essentially release him and he becomes a free agent.

The details of this contract (via Spotrac) are wild.

YearTotal cashBase salaryRoster bonusWorkout bonus
2020$10.825 million$825,000N/AN/A
2021$22.807 million$990,000$21.717 million$100,000
2022$29.45 million$1.5 million$27.4 million$550,000
2023$40.45 million$5.5 million$34.4 million$550,000
2024$37.95 million$2.5 million$34.9 million$550,000
2025$41.95 million$2.5 million$38.9 million$550,000
2026$41.95 million$2.5 million$38.9 million$550,000
2027$59.95 million$10 million$49.4 million$550,000
2028$44.45 million$13 million$30.9 million$550,000
2029$44.95 million$20.5 million$23.9 million$550,000
2030$50.45 million$27 million$22.9 million$550,000
2031$52.45 million$38 million$13.9 million$550,000

Now here’s a look at the cap hits for Mahomes on this contract.

YearMahomes cap hit
2020$5.347 million
2021$24.807 million
2022$31.45 million
2023$42.45 million
2024$39.95 million
2025$41.95 million
2026$41.95 million
2027$59.95 million
2028$44.45 million
2029$44.95 million
2030$50.45 million
2031$52.45 million

At least in the short term, the Chiefs are set up for a dynasty run

What we see here is that the contract is actually very team-friendly early on. The relatively low cap hits in the first three seasons were a huge reason the Chiefs were able to make star defensive end Chris Jones a happy man with his recently-signed four-year contract extension.

Speaking with TMZ Sports, Hill alluded to how Mahomes’ contract has the team in great shape going forward.

“I’m proud of just the Chiefs in general for getting all these deals done, man. Cause they understand right now is our time, like this is our window to be great, for us to build that dynasty and I’m just happy to be along with them.”

And with so many other young offensive players on their rookie deals, the Chiefs are set up for a potential dynasty run. Of all the teams in the league, they are seen as the most likely to take the New England Patriots’ throne as the most consistent contender in the NFL.

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