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Twitter reacts to Blake Bortles Bortling in worst way against Chiefs

Could the Green Bay Packers sign Blake Bortles?
Credit: Logan Bowles-USA TODAY Sports

Blake Bortles is either spitting white-hot fire or as cold as the Antarctic winter. On Sunday against the Kansas City Chiefs, he was certainly the latter.

Check out this unconscionable interception in the second quarter, as he threw the ball pretty much right to defensive lineman Chris Jones.

After juking Bortles out of his shoes, Jones had no problem romping 20 yards for the pick-six, which gave Kansas City a 20-0 lead.

Then on the next drive right before halftime, he threw an interception in the red zone that went off a teammate’s helmet.


Twitter users everywhere chimed in on Bortles Bortling in the worst possible way.


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