Tony Romo cancels fantasy football convention, blames NFL

Courtesy of Steve Mitchell, USA Today Sports

The National Football League continues to play a game of chicken with Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo and his annual fantasy football convention that was set to kick off last year in Vegas.

Romo cancelled the event a year ago, claiming that the NFL was using “scare tactics” as a way to force the event from the nation’s gambling mecca.

Now set to take place in Pasadena from July 15-17, organizers have once again postponed the event.

In a press release, the National Fantasy Football Convention blamed the NFL for its “blatant and continued interference” for its cancellation.

There promises to be a ton of backlash from players and fans for the league’s continued attempt to force its members from holding an event that would have done nothing to impact the credibility of the NFL.

Raising concerns over the convention being held in Las Vegas is one thing. Attempting to block it from being held in Southern California is a completely different thing.

Here’s a letter the NFFC sent to fans who had already signed up for the three-day event.

There comes a time when the NFL morphs from common sense and becomes nothing less than a representation of Scrooge. This seems to be one of those times. And it’s utterly mind-boggling.

What could possibly go wrong when it comes to fans meeting and hanging out with some of the best players the league has to offer? Talk about the “no fun league.”

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