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Tony Romo predicts plays at accuracy level surpising to even himself

Tony Romo appears to have an incredible knack for predicting what’s going to happen on the football field. And when the numbers are broken down, the appearances are correct.

Ben Cohen and Andrew Beaton of The Wall Street Journal went through Romo’s predictions on the season. As it turns out, Romo’s accuracy was a surprise, even to himself.

He made a total of 72 predictions on air this season. But one thing he couldn’t predict: his own accuracy. Romo lowballed that he was right 21% of the time. He was wrong about that. His actual hit rate was 68%, according to the Journal’s calculations.”

So how good is 68 percent?

During the regular season, only eight NFL quarterbacks completed at least 68 percent of their passes. Those who did not include both Super Bowl quarterbacks, Jared Goff and Tom Brady, the likely MVP in Patrick Mahomes, as well as Russell Wilson and Ben Roethlisberger, just to name a few.

Going across sports, Boston Red Sox right fielder Mookie Betts led all of baseball with a .346 batting average. Obviously, even the best hitters are far more likely to get out than not. But Betts was the only MLB players in 2018 to have an average at even half of 68 percent.

So, when Romo predicts what play is about to come on Super Bowl Sunday, anyone watching at home would be well advised to listen.

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