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Illinois NFL Draft prospect Tip Reiman is very skeptical about birds and pigeons: Are they real?

Tip Reiman
Credit: Ron Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

Every year the NFL Scouting Combine features some wild questions and even wackier responses. This year’s best remarks so far have come from Tyler Owens, who “doesn’t believe in space,” and also Illinois tight end Tip Reiman, who has a fascinating theory about birds and pigeons.

Are pigeons even real? That’s what Reiman wants us to start questioning.

Wow. How do we know that power lines aren’t just pigeon recharging stations?

Admittedly, it’s hard to tell if Reiman is serious or not, but either way, this is an eccentric viewpoint that we can’t get enough of.

Many may not have ever heard of Reiman prior to the NFL Combine, but with a few responses like that, he’s a prospect that will be hard to forget during NFL Draft weekend.

After recording 203 receiving yards and three touchdowns during his senior season at Illinois, Reiman is not expected to be a top tight end prospect in this year’s draft class. However, he did still merit an invite to the NFL Combine, an honor only given to just over 300 players each year. Now, he’s hoping to get on the radar of at least one NFL team, and his views about birds certainly will earn him some attention.

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