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San Francisco 49ers lose to Miami Dolphins in odd political proxy war between the team’s owners

san Francisco 49ers
Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The San Francisco 49ers actually lost to the Miami Dolphins in a recent high-stakes showdown. However, the battle didn’t take place on the gridiron and was instead between the team’s owners as they jockeyed for political influence in Santa Clara.

For many news channels and programs around the United States, the recent mid-term elections have been a major focus of their coverage over the last two weeks. Americans around the country went to their local poll sites last week to decide who they would send to Washington to represent them in the House of Representatives and the Senate.

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Many smaller statewide elections took place as well, and in Santa Clara, California the battle for their next mayor included some major financial support from two of the NFL’s owners.

San Francisco 49ers and Miami Dolphins owners tried to influence race for Mayor of Santa Clara

san Francisco 49ers
Credit: USA Today Network

Jed York, the owner of the 49ers and is no fan of incumbent Mayor Lisa Gillmor. The two have had issues for some time, and Gillmor even used York’s attempts to get his rent lowered at Levi Stadium as a political point during her campaign to prove she is out to make sure the wealthy pay back into the local economy.

In the leadup to her race with Anthony Becker, York reportedly donated $2.5 million of his own money to support his handpicked candidate’s run for mayor. Dolphins owner Stephen Ross has a real estate company with notable commercial interests near Levi Stadium, and he did not want to see a change to the status quo and made it publicly known he was in support of Gillmor’s re-election.

Unhappy about his fellow NFL owner’s stance, York even funded ads that bashed Ross during the race.

Well, despite his best efforts, you can score one for the Miami Dolphins as Becker conceded the race to the incumbent on Wednesday. The election was hotly contested and Gilmorr at one point only led by just over 50 votes after a week of ballot counting.

While the San Francisco 49ers and Miami Dolphins have a solid chance to reach the Super Bowl this season, if neither team does, Ross will still have bragging rights in the biggest clash between the men in 2022.