Tilman Fertitta Rockets

Tilman Fertitta recently bought the Houston Rockets for $2.2 billion, but the new owner isn’t afraid of investing a whole lot more money in the franchise.

USA Today‘s Sam Amick notes Fertitta said he’ll be “one pissed off son of a gun” if he doesn’t have a few championships, so the luxury tax won’t be an obstacle if the roster is constructed properly.

“Everybody has to remember, I did pay $2.2 billion for this team. I didn’t pay $80 million for it, okay? And I’m not worth $20 billion, but I have no problem paying luxury tax if I truly think that it truly gives me the chance to win the championship next year, okay?”

According to Amick, Fertitta is worth $4.3 billion.

Houston entered the All-Star break holding a league-best 44-13 record, narrowly edging the Golden State Warriors for the No. 1 spot in the Western Conference. Given that success, this is the type of roster for which Fertitta wouldn’t mind paying extra.

Fortunately for him, per Basketball Insiders, the Rockets have $116.6 million on the salary sheet this season. The luxury tax line is $119.2 million. However, the franchise likely won’t remain under the tax in 2018-19 because Chris Paul and Clint Capela are due massive raises this summer.

But it must be reassuring for Houston fans that Fertitta won’t stand in the way of offering big-money deals to championship-caliber players. The Warriors are already doing that, and Houston will need to follow suit.

David Kenyon
Writer for Sportsnaut and Bleacher Report, mostly covering college football as well as the NFL, NBA and college basketball.