Richard Sherman spoke to Baker Mayfield, not embarrassed over ‘Handshake-gate’

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San Francisco 49ers cornerback Richard Sherman spoke to the media on Thursday, days after his team blew out the Cleveland Browns.

While those around the Bay Area would prefer the talk surrounded San Francisco remaining undefeated, drama came up immediately after the game.

It included Sherman calling Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield out for not shaking hands prior to the “Monday Night Football Game.” Videos released since show a completely different story.

In an attempt to put “Handshake-gate” behind him, Sherman told reporters that he did speak with Mayfield recently and doesn’t feel any embarrassment over the incident.

It really is one of the dumbest dramas around the football world this season. Sherman was popping off at the mouth, like he normally does, following a 31-3 win.

This came after fellow 49ers defensive star Nick Bosa trolled Mayfield, both during and after the game.

The moral of the story? Big personalities will create big drama. Sherman has represented that throughout his long career. Mayfield? He’s well on his way to being seen in the same light.

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