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Report: Raiders prepared to offer Tom Brady two-year, $60 million contract

Tom Brady free agency

The Las Vegas Raiders have been rumored to be hot to trot for Tom Brady, and a report emerged indicating they may pay handsomely to land the future Hall of Fame quarterback.

Veteran NFL reporter Larry Fitzgerald Sr., the father of the Arizona Cardinals receiver, provided this interesting nugget on Friday.

Now, $30 million a year isn’t exactly top dollar these days, and there are reports that $40 million a year will soon be breached.

But there’s more than just a lot of money for Brady in Vegas, if he should choose to play for Jon Gruden and Co. We dove into some of that recently, and the gist of it is that it’s not unfathomable to envision Rob Gronkowski coming out of retirement to join Brady in Vegas for the 2020 campaign.

There’s a lot of smoke about Brady to the Raiders right now, regardless of anything Gronk may do. Given the team’s move to Vegas just happened and the Raiders would love to break in their shiny new stadium with a legendary season, we’re not ruling it out, to be sure.

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