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Report: NFL to update helmet-rule training video


In an effort to encourage player safety, the NFL instituted a new helmet rule for 2018. During the preseason, though, enforcement has been a disaster.

Fortunately, the league is already looking to make corrections.

According to ESPN’s Chris Mortensen, the NFL plans to make an updated video tutorial that will be distributed to players, coaches and officials when the preseason ends.

And it’s about time.

Minnesota Vikings coach Mike Zimmer recently said the helmet rule, as currently enforced, “will cost people their jobs.” His All-Pro safety, Harrison Smith, had similar concerns, saying the rule changes need to be “physically possible” to follow.

So far in the preseason, NFL fans have wondered aloud how certain hits — such as one by Keanu Neal of the Atlanta Falcons or Antwione Williams of the Vikings — could possibly be flagged.

In fairness, human error means there will always be poor calls. That’s part of the game. Still, the hope is an updated training video will eliminate as many of the unneeded penalties as possible.

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