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Rays set new futility mark for lowest attendance in franchise history

Blisschan / wiki Commons

The Tampa Bay Rays entered Tuesday’s outing against the Toronto Blue Jays in the midst of a three-game winning streak and boasting the fourth-best record in the American League at 32-19.

Unfortunately for the Rays, this has not translated to many fans taking in their games at the run down Tropicana Field. This took on a new meaning Tuesday night with the Rays drawing a franchise-worst 5,786 fans.

That’s just embarrassing stuff with there. It’s also becoming readily apparent that MLB fans in Florida just don’t have any interest in actually going to games.

While the Marlins’ lack of attendance is understandable, these Rays continue to throw out a competitive and fun product. It still has not piqued the interest of fans in Tampa Bay. That’s the sad reality.

Those who were in attendance did have the ability to catch one of the most insane plays you’ll eve see during the Rays’ 3-1 win over Toronto.